Takeout Dinners


Coq au Reisling

Chicken baked with new potatoes, red onion and chorizo

Chicken with Romesco sauce.

Chicken with mushrooms, leeks, tarragon and crème fraiche.

Fish balls with lobster cream

The Earl’s Fish pie, with salmon, smoked haddock, eggs, prawns, tarragon and pureed potato.

Mutton faggots with pickled celeriac and beetroot salad

Crab macaroni.

Slow cooked lamb with cloves and cardamom

Lamb tagine.

Crab bisque.

Crab tart

Pork cheeks braised with prunes and Oloroso sherry

No ordinary chilli con carne, made with beef brisket and pork belly

Sicilian meatballs (pork and beef with pecorino and herbs) with a rich tomato and chilli sauce

Twice baked Quicke’s Vintage cheddar soufflés with pear, beetroot and walnut salad.

Takeout Dinners January 25, 2018