Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Buffet


Pintxos Morunos (Moorish kebab, chicken with smoked paprika and cumin)
Carrot kofta
Slow roast shoulder of lamb ‘Ras el Hanout’
Imam Bayildi (slow cooked aubergine with onions, spiced tomato and herbs)

Mehadra (Spiced lentils and rice layered with crisp onion)

Carrots with cumin and honey

Grilled little gem lettuce and Tahini

Zhoug (zuheg, zoug, etc, Yemeni sauce of garlic, chilli, fresh coriander and cumin)

Spiced beetroot and yoghurt puree

Butternut houmous with dukkah

Shaved fennel, with orange, garlic and parsley Muhamara (Roast red pepper and walnut dip)

Feta, olive and watermelon salad

Carrot, poppy seed and preserved lemon salad


Spanish orange cake with crème fraiche, toasted hazelnuts and orange/cardamon syrup.

Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Buffet January 25, 2018